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We look for opportunities to help veterans and becoming a GI Bill-approved training site for Computer Aided Design Draftsmen was a win-win proposition. The veteran receives his or her earned GI Bill benefits and an education, and we get a very capable and disciplined employee.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) oversees GI Bill training programs that are often associated with educational opportunities provided by community colleges or universities. But, did you know that individual employers can do the same thing? That’s what we did.

We worked with the VA to develop a custom class syllabus and training program administered by our CAD/BIM Department. Veterans enrolled in this program can receive on-the-job training at our facility and draw upon their GI Bill financial benefits in the same fashion as if they were attending a community college or university.

Although we’re currently only certified for the Computer Aided Design Draftsmen course of instruction, we’re exploring other occupations so we can help train and employ more veterans.