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Miller Electric Mfg. Co. Highlights Modern Piping, Inc. in International Newsletter

International food and agricultural producer Cargill purchased an unfinished corn wet-mill ethanol plant in Fort Dodge, Iowa, in 2011, a facility with the capacity to grind 150,000 bushels of corn each day and produce 115 million gallons of ethanol per year. But before production could start, Cargill needed to finish construction on the facility and bring it up to Cargill standards for quality and safety. With an aggressive schedule for completing that work and bringing the facility online, Cargill turned to full-service mechanical contractor Modern Piping, Inc.

Modern Piping, Inc. completes about 1,100 projects annually throughout the United States for clients as varied as hospitals, educational institutions, food processors and power plants. Our work ranges from single technician service calls to small commercial projects to large industrial jobs with as many as 100 employees on-site.

Always searching for innovations and improvement, and given an aggressive timeline, Modern Piping evaluated and purchased 10 Miller® PipeWorx 350 FieldPro™ Systems for the Cargill project.  This equipment saved time, enhanced safety and improved weld quality for the 30+ Modern Piping, Inc. workers on the jobsite.

The project was so successful that global welding equipment leader, Miller Electric Mfg. Company, highlighted Modern Piping, Inc. in its international newsletter.  The get the full story, go to http://www.millerwelds.com/resources/articles/mechanical-contractor-sees-improved-safety–quality–value-and-performance-with-pipeworx-350-fieldpro–system-%20.

Interview with Ken Brown, Modern Companies, Inc. CEO and others:

As a Modern Piping, Inc. customer, what does this mean to you?  It means that we’re constantly searching for improvement, which translates to better responsiveness, quality of work and value for our customers.   At Modern Piping, Inc. we don’t spend time “looking in the rear view mirror” so to speak, we’re always looking forward to bring our customers the best products, technologies and services available.